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Sam Mizrahi

Sam Mizrahi serves as the proud President and founder of Mizrahi Design Build, Toronto’s premier independent design-build company.  In addition to his leadership role at Mizrahi Design Build, Sam is the President and founder of Northern Citadel Bancorp, a private company registered with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) as a Mortgage Investment Trust and Administrator (MIT) and a firm that financially complements and facilitates Mizrahi Design Build’s building initiatives.

Sam Mizrahi has had a successful business and entrepreneurial career built around pinpointing lucrative business opportunities and taking advantage of them with vision and a prescient sense of timing.  

Sam founded his first company, Unimax, at the young age of 16.  Unimax imported and sold batteries and blank audio and video cassette tapes to independent stores in Toronto and Montreal.  Sam led Unimax for four years, successfully building the company into one that had approximately $18 million in yearly revenue.    

After achieving success with this first company, Sam shifted his focus to real estate development.  Sam began a twenty-plus year real estate career as a young man by examining urban planning in Toronto and ambitiously pursuing profitable but overlooked real estate investment opportunities in the Richmond Hill and Oak Ridges areas of the city.  This experience proved invaluable to preparing him for his eventual leadership role at Mizrahi Design Build.  

Moving away from real estate development, in 1992, Sam established a second successful business, Dove Cleaners. Using his natural ability to identify overlooked opportunities in competitive spaces, Sam launched Dove as a dry cleaning company catering to the luxury market.  He successfully developed Dove into the largest luxury dry cleaning company in Canada, with more than 100 retail locations and an advanced processing plant, and by 2005 the company had earned several awards and distinctions in the dry cleaning industry. 

Returning to the real estate industry, in 2006, Sam Mizrahi founded and launched Mizrahi Design Build to execute his vision of bringing old world quality and modern convenience to Toronto’s luxury real estate market and create a design-build company that could provide turn-key solutions on a range of residential and mixed-use projects.

Gaining a reputation for building to a superior standard, Sam Mizrahi then established Mizrahi Developments in 2008 as a way to broaden his ambition of creating customized, high-end residential space.  In leading Mizrahi Developments, Sam worked to bring the quality, craftsmanship and sense of permanence that a stand-alone luxury home has to the condominium market. Demonstrating an ability to work with all stakeholders in heritage neighbourhoods and in streamlining the zoning and approval stages of projects, Sam led Mizrahi Developments as it expanded into building mid-rise, mixed-use boutique buildings as well as high-rise developments.  Having successfully developed several boutique condominium projects, including 181 Davenport and 133 Hazelton, Sam and Mizrahi Developments look forward to upcoming developments at 1451 Wellington in Ottawa, 128 Hazelton and The One at the iconic intersection of Yonge and Bloor Streets.         

Outside of his real estate development work, Sam Mizrahi is known as a generous and active philanthropist who supports a range of charitable organizations.  Sam has donated to numerous and varied initiatives, including Hero Ride for Bridgepoint Active Healthcare, an After Breast Cancer organization, Toronto Zoo, and the West Park Healthcare Centre.  

Sam is also an active philanthropist within the Jewish community.  He served as a leader builder for the development of the Temmy Latner Forest Hill Jewish Centre (http://www.foresthilljewishcentre.org), a centre that serves as a community resource in Forest Hill, Toronto. He also serves as a board member of Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSCC), a non-profit organization promoting tolerance and human rights around the world.   In both 2012 and 2013, Sam co-chaired “Walk with Israel”, the largest annual fundraising event in Toronto and one organized by the United Jewish Appeal (UJA).  In 2015, he acted as a co-chair for UJA’s “Run with Israel” event.







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